Monthly Action: March 2017

Stamp Out Hate was born from a letter. My friend Milly wrote to me that she had seen a report of hate mail being sent to mosques and Islamic centers around the country. She wondered if there was a way to help. Well, I think sending letters of hope and support is the best counter to that. I suppose it’s like fighting fire with fire, but our fire is the good kind of fire. Mail shouldn’t be used for hate.

As our first action, I ask you to join me in sending joyful mail to your local (or as local as the internet can find for you) mosque or Islamic center. I got my addresses by typing in “mosque” and my ZIP code into Google search. I also searched around the ZIP code of where I grew up in rural South Carolina. I figured the more letters to send, the better.

If you wish, please share your letters on social media with the hashtag #stampouthate

As always, thank you for your support and keep writing happy letters.

Be kind. Try hard. Send hope.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Action: March 2017

  1. This was a great idea. I just wrote out a quick card, put one “Stamp Out Hate Forever” sticker in one corner of the envelope (a home-made one; haven’t had the chance to get a set of the wonderful foil ones), sealed it with a “We All Need Each Other” sticker, and it’ll go in the mail once I can get to a mailbox (I’m in northeastern New Jersey, and we had a pretty big snowstorm today).


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