Letters for Christchurch














It was with wounded hearts we learned of  the terrorist attack against Muslims in Christchurch. The Letter Writers Alliance has an active presence within Christchurch, and while we didn’t know anyone directly affected, we do have many friend and pen pals in the area. One of our friends heads up the Christchurch Letter Writers Society and she reached out to us with her idea for showing support to her community. She’d been contacted by a few people from our international letter writing community regarding how best to send written messages of support. While she isn’t comfortable posting addresses of the mosques/local Muslim groups affected, she will accept any written messages of support via the Christchurch Letters Writers Society post office box. She will forward the cards and letters in a bundle via post, or possibly hand deliver them to the recipients.

The mailing address is:

Christchurch Letter Writers Society
PO Box 33036
Barrington Box Lobby
Christchurch 8244
New Zealand

The Christchurch Letter Writers Society unequivocally stands with our Muslim friends, neighbors, colleagues as does the Letter Writers Alliance. It feels terrible when these things happen, but I gain so much life back from actions like these. Be kind. Try hard. Send love. Stamp out hate. Feel free to share this message.



P.S. Image from the P.S. Correspondence Society.

P.P.S. Christchurch Letter Writers Society has an Instagram as well.

P.P.P.S. Stamp Out Hate stickers are still available for free via S.A.S.E. and will be restocked soon.


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