Monthly Action: March 2017

Stamp Out Hate was born from a letter. My friend Milly wrote to me that she had seen a report of hate mail being sent to mosques and Islamic centers around the country. She wondered if there was a way to help. Well, I think sending letters of hope and support is the best counter to that. I suppose it’s like fighting fire with fire, but our fire is the good kind of fire. Mail shouldn’t be used for hate.

As our first action, I ask you to join me in sending joyful mail to your local (or as local as the internet can find for you) mosque or Islamic center. I got my addresses by typing in “mosque” and my ZIP code into Google search. I also searched around the ZIP code of where I grew up in rural South Carolina. I figured the more letters to send, the better.

If you wish, please share your letters on social media with the hashtag #stampouthate

As always, thank you for your support and keep writing happy letters.

Be kind. Try hard. Send hope.

Write With Us at Read/Write Library

IMG_20170308_164808  IMG_20170311_105340IMG_20170308_155315
Join me on Friday, March 31st from 2PM-6PM at the Read/Write Library. You can come by and pick up free postcards and stickers to send your messages. There is also a list of suggested addresses available. If you write your notes at the library, postage will be provided.
This is the last day of the month and the action will change on April 1st to a new group. Let’s make sure we’ve sent out as much love and support as possible to March’s focus: local mosques and Islamic centers. They need us. We need them. Together, we will make a difference. Together, we can make things better. Thank you for joining us. Be kind. Try hard. Send hope.
Read/Write Library
914 N. California Walton Entrance
Chicago, IL 60622
When: Friday, March 31, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Postcard Pop-Ups on Women’s Strike Day

IMG_20170311_105340We had a fantastic time on March 8th for Women’s Strike Day at Spinning Js and Greer handing out postcards and stickers and our positive message. We were able to send out a bunch of cards and connect with people. Thanks for sending out your messages and spreading the word. We hope to have more pop-ups soon! Stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitter for news about events and more. As always, remember to be kind, try hard, and send hope.


Stamp Out Hate Stickers

img_20170304_092429I couldn’t decided on one color; so I picked all of them. We’re a rainbow, folks. You can get these for free or decide to purchase larger quantities over at the Letter Writers Alliance. At the end of each month, a portion of the proceeds from any Stamp Out Hate project sales will go to a charity related to that month’s action. This month’s recipient, for example, is Islamic Relief USA.

To get your free stickers, follow these instructions:

Send us a S.A.S.E. to:

Letter Writers Alliance

Attn: Stamp Out Hate Stickers

PO Box 221168

Chicago, IL 60622

What’s a S.A.S.E.?

It’s a self addressed stamped envelope. Put your name, address, and a stamp on any size envelope. Then stick that inside another envelope with our PO Box address & a stamp, and toss it in the mail. You’ll get 5 stickers for free to help inspire you and others. If you want more, please consider a purchase.


Stamp Out Hate Print


I designed this piece as a part of the Here With You project, art prints that support good causes. I am strongly against the concept of “hate mail.” Mail should be something that people always find joy in. Spread messages of love. Send support. Be kind. Try hard. Thanks for your support and your letters.  This print is a limited edition of 26 prints. A minimum of 80% of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated to the ACLU.

Download Stationery & Cards

Please use the files below to aid you in your good works with the Stamp Out Hate project. If you do not have a printer or would like to purchase these products and other materials such as stickers or rubber stamps, soon you’ll be able to purchase them from the shop at the Letter Writers Alliance. I’ll be adding files over time for postcards, artistamps and other fun things.



‘Stamp Out’ stationery
8.5″x11″, full color
(Download PDF)

‘Stamp Out’ cards
8.5″x11″, full color
(Download PDF)